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Advantages of living in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Tropical Climat and Sunny Weather

Climat: The Cyprus Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. In coastal provinces people enjoy the sun, the sea and quiet beaches all year round. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Cyprus homes in the low season months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still warm enough to enjoy fully all the advantages of living in the country or on the coast.

Cyprus Healthy Food and Diet

Healthy diet: Experts have been talking about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for years. The traditional Cypriot diet - grains, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and even red wine (according to some experts, a glass of red wine a day is good for you). Learn a few Cyprus recipies, take advantage of the excellent quality fruit, fish, vegetables in North Cyprus, and live longer!

Discover North Cyprus Reach Culture

Culture: The sheer variety and wealth of Cyprus culture is the result of the fact that Cyprus has been home to different races and cultures throughout its long history. Discover North Cyprus culture. Visit museums, art galleries, castles. Stroll around some northern Cyprus towns and villages to learn of their immense cultural legacy. Visit some of the most beautiful places in North Cyprus.  

Friendly and Hospitable People  of northern Cyprus

Friendly people: Very friendly and hospitable people live here. There are lots of children around that are so admired by adults. You can make lots of new friends in North Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots are very open and ingenuous and they are always glad to support you if you need any kind of help. They are always smiling and happy. It is not a surprise, living in North Cyprus with wonderfull weather all year round would make anybody happy!

Beautiful Nature with beaches, dramatic cliffs and mountain peaks

Beautiful nature: Northern Cyprus is beautiful – there are no other ways to describe the majesty of the mountains and the spectacle of the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  There are long sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and mountain peaks, stunning sunsets, breathtaking sunrises and flora and fauna in abundance.

The best beaches on the Mediterranean

Clean sandy beaches: The beaches of northern Cyprus offer some of the very best beaches on the Mediterranean if not some of the best beaches in the world.  Come and judge for yourself! Beaches are a principal attraction in North Cyprus, and vary widely in character from the busy hotel beaches, which offer many facilities, to the secluded stretches of sand in the Karpaz, where the visitor may have an entire beach to himself.

Rich wildlife in Cyprus

No dangerous animals: It's not a big pleasure to swim with sharks, or to make injections agaist malaria mosquito... Forget about all this when you are in North Cyprus! You will not be able to find a more friendly wildlife than in Cyprus. It's clean Mediterranean waters do not have any kind of dangerous creatures to make you scare to swim. Despite of rich wildlife in Cyprus, all animals on this small island are used to live piecefully.
Dramatically low prices in North CyprusLow cost of living: The cost of basic essentials such as food, drink and clothing is noticeably lower in Cyprus than in the U.K. It is in fact the cheapest in the entire Mediterranean region with locally produced meat, fruit, vegetables, milk and staple produce selling for dramatically low prices! Read more about cost of living in North Cyprus.
Law level of crime and thieveryHigh standard of living: There is so little crime in North Cyprus that only petty thievery and car accidents are fully reported in the English language newspapers. In North Cyprus it doesn’t matter if you don’t lock your house or car your neighbours will keep an eye on your property for you, children can walk to school unaccompanied and drug and alcohol related misdemeanours are practically unheard of.
North Cyprus Entertainments and Healthy LifestyleOutdoor activities: The climate in many areas of Cyprus means that if you have the time, energy and motivation, it is not difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you enjoy walking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, water sports, winter sports.... this is the country for you. And hang up a hammack in your garden to enjoy the life in North Cyprus.

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