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Buyer's guide

Property Buying

Property buying process: There are certain steps in buying procedure that will let you to become the owner of your home in sunny North Cyprus. Buying a home is neither a complicated process nor a particularly difficult one. A solicitor or a notary public will be enough to make your life easy in your purchase. Our advice is especially useful to the foreign purchaser who may encounter confusion with different laws and local attitudes...

Property Tax

Additional cost and property tax: Buyers and investors look for a country with low property tax as they become more aware of the potential returns on their overseas property investment. North Cyprus is one of such countries which offers incredible opportunities of high returns with low taxes payable. The buyer pays only relatively low property tax, VAT and some fees to his solicitor at the time of purchase...

North Cyprus Title deeds

North Cyprus Title Deeds: In the transfer of real estate, a deed conveys ownership from the old owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee). It’s true, the number of different types of title deeds available in North Cyprus can be confusing. But really, once explained you will see how simple the whole process is and how it has come about. There are four types of freehold title deeds and one leasehold type here...

Cyprus Properties Issue

Legal issues on Cyprus Properties: As with buying in any foreign country, you do need to be aware of certain legal issues and do the research before you buy the first property here. With advise of local lawyers and translated into English important articles from Law of Northern Cyprus we will help you to investigate the current legal situation in North Cyprus. We will guide you to make the right decision...

North Cyprus Investment

For investors: Get a great value home bafore it's too late. Now North Cyprus property prices are significantly cheaper than the established Mediterranean markets. But the situation tends to change soon. Just for the last two years GDP of North Cyprus has doubled, and with big contribution of construction market. More and more people are interested to invest in North Cypus recently...

Inspection TripInspection Trip: When you are ready to purchase dream home in North Cyprus or invest your capital, you should join one of our subsidised four days inspection trips. Join our inspection trips and view personally our extensive selection of properties. Welcome to North Cyprus!...

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