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About North Cyprus

Furniture Shops in Northern Cyprus: Buying furniture in North Cyprus can be tricky. We do not recommend you to buy wrought iron furnitures although they are cheap. Why don't you choose to buy a quality furniture imported from Turkey at reasonable prices.

We recommend YATSAN FURNITURES for your North Cyprus property.

Interactive North Cyprus Map Shows all important places and cities

Interactive North Cyprus map: The map shows all main historical places, beaches, entertaiment centers, cities, villages and airports in North Cyprus. Here you can find all information about places to visit in North Cyprus, their detailed description and an extensive photo gallery (over 200 photos)...

Image Gallery of Northern CyprusNorth Cyprus Photo Gallery: We are pleased to present the best photos of northen Cyprus. Our North Cyprus photo gallery reflects the best historical sites, beaches, cities and other touristic places in the island. You will be able to see how beautiful North Cyprus. One picture worths one hundred words!...

North Cyprus in Brief

Advantages of North Cyprus: The Cyprus Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. In coastal provinces people enjoy the sun, the sea and quiet beaches all year round. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Cyprus homes in the low season months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still warm enough to enjoy fully all the advantages of living in the country or on the coast...

North Cyprus Tourist Information

General Information: Country, capital city, GDP, GDP per capita, currency, time zone, population, area, density, electricity, political organization, government, legislature, economy, administrative divisions, public holidays and more...

Fly to North Cyprus via Larnaca or Ercan Airport

Flights to North Cyprus: North Cyprus is well served by regular flights from many of the UK's and European international airports. There are more than 30 flights each week leaving from London's big three airports - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. Flights from Manchester International Airport, Glasgow and Belfast are also available...

Kyrenia Entertainments and Restaurants

Going out:There are many things to do and see in Cyprus both during the day and at night for people of all ages. There are many historical places and museums to visit all over the island so you can take in the islands natural beauty and history. Sailing, tennis, scuba diving, swimming, mountain biking and spas are just some of the activities on offer in Cyprus...

Language and Useful Phrases in Turkish

Language and useful phrases: Turkish is the official language of Northern Cyprus, whilst English is widely spoken and is considered the country’s second language. But if you plan on staying and ultimately living in the island its well worth learning some phrases in Turkish. The Turkish Cypriot people are not only warm-hearted and welcoming but also very generous...

British Communities British communities: The island has an ever-growing number of British expats that have decided to swap the dull, damp and dreary British weather for a carefree life in the sun. Whilst many settle down in towns and villages all around North Cyprus, the most popular destinations for British residents seem to be Girne (Kyrenia) and Esentepe...
Cyprus Geography and Location

North Cyprus geography:Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. In the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean, it is located south of the Anatolian peninsula (Asia Minor), or modern-day Turkey, of the Asian (or Eurasian) mainland...

Weather in Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta

North Cyprus weather: The island has a Mediterranean style climate, typified by long hot and dry summers, short autumn and spring seasons and a short cool wet winter. Between mid May and mid October the sun shines on average 11 hours each day under a series of stable high-pressure systems...

Cyprus is the most attractive country for retirementRetiring in North Cyprus: One of the fastest growing retirement havens in the world, Cyprus has everything going for it. Over 300 days of warm sunshine, beautiful beaches of fine golden sands, and vast expanses of unspoilt landscapes await discovery. Additionally, the cost of living is one of the lowest of any country bordering the Mediterranean Sea...
History of the island

History:The Island has been occupied by a succession of peoples from Europe and Asia. In the 8th century BC it was a part of the Assyrian empire, then the Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian. In 58 BC the island was seized by the Romans. Richard the Lionheart settled on the island in 1191 during the third Crusade and, after selling it to the Knights Templar permitted Guy de Lusignan to buy the island...

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