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Alagadi Turtle Beach

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Situated in the borders of Esentepe, Alagadi is one of the few cleanest and biggest shores of our island. When taking road from Kyrenia towards Esentepe, at the end of a 16km drive, taking a left hand turn on the road, Alagadi is situated 600 meters towards the coast. During the summer season, because the green turtles (karetta-karetta) have chosen this coast in order to lay their eggs, vehicle entrance to the beach has been prohibited at most late afternoons at sunset.

Students from different universities of the world voluntarily arrive to our country every year and stay for a full month, in order to help these green turtles lay their eggs peacefully; to prevent any light or fire from being started at the sand; to prevent the eggs of these green turtles to be effected by anything else; and most importantly, to help facilitate the turtles hatching from the eggs to reach the shore quicker and safer. Entrance to the beach is free of charge.


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