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Birds of Cyprus

A huge attraction for tourists coming to North Cyprus is the island's diverse wildlife. There are over 350 different species of birds that frequent our shores, seven of which are endemic to Cyprus, and are not found anywhere else in the world. With a land area of only 3,355 square kilometres, that's a lot of birds!

The majority of birds seen in North Cyprus are migratory. They use the island as a 'stopover point' each spring and autumn during their travels. Many species will be common to the European eye, with the likes of Swallows, Herons and Cormorants making up the numbers. There are some less well known birds too like the Griffon Vulture and the Golden Oriole - two of the most distinctive bird visitors to our island. Bird-wise, migrating flamingos are perhaps the most spectacular sight in North Cyprus. Normally, they over-winter on the salt lakes in Southern Cyprus and can be seen as breathtaking bands of pink as they fly overhead.

Amongst the endemic population, North Cyprus boasts the only colony of European Audouin seagulls in the world. They make their nests in the Klidhes Isles, near the tip of the Karpas Peninsula. The Cyprus Wheatear and Cyprus Warbler are two other notable endemic species native to Cyprus.

Occasionally, pink flamingos will rest on the beaches around North Cyprus. Keen birdwatchers have noted large flocks of them in February, March and April, particularly on Silver Beach - one of the best beaches along the North Cypriot coastline for bird watching.


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