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The Cost of Living in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the least expensive places to live along the Mediterranean coast, and is exceptionally good value when compared to the cost of living in the UK. Many items from local fruit & vegetables to a unit of electricity are inexpensively priced, making your Pound, Dollar or Euro stretch further than it would in other popular destinations such as Southern Spain or France. North Cyprus is famed for its high quality local produce. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beetroot, along with many citrus fruits and subtropical fruits are available in supermarkets at a fraction of what they cost in UK supermarkets. Local fruit & vegetable markets offer even greater value. You can pick up a bunch of locally grown bananas or an avocado at the Kyrenia fruit & vegetable market every Wednesday for just a few pence!

Alcohol and cigarettes are cheap too. EFES, the local beer, can be purchased for around 50p per bottle, and a good quality bottle of wine for as little as £2.50. You can also buy a locally produced brandy at an extremely low £1.20 per bottle. If you fancy dining out at any one of the numerous restaurants in North Cyprus, then expect to only pay between £10 - £20 per head for a 3-course meal, including a round of drinks.

With over 300 days of sunshine, many properties in North Cyprus take advantage of solar energy. Solar panels provide a free source of electricity that can be directly fed into a property's mains system. This insures that electricity costs are kept extremely low, even during the winter. Two-hundred pounds will quite adequately cover the cost of all your utility bills for a whole year.


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