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Driving in North Cyprus

Using the roads in North Cyprus is very easy to do. As in the UK, vehicles are driven on the left. All sign posts conform to international standards, so if you are coming from Britain the system of driving will be very familiar to you.

Car rental is widely available in North Cyprus. An international driving licence is not necessary, but you will need to present your current driving licence from your home country together with your passport to be able to hire a car. Renting a car is also one of the most economical ways of getting around, with hire available from the equivalent of £25 per day for short-term rentals, or less for longer term rentals.

North Cyprus maintains a high quality road system. Dual carriageways link most of the major towns in the North, and more than two-thirds of the 7,000km of roadway in North Cyprus is paved. Driving a car on North Cyprus's roads is a very convenient way of getting around, and is the only way to get up into the mountains or to visit some of the many historic sites on the island. Additionally, there is no railway system in North Cyprus and public transport becomes infrequent after 7pm.

Leaded and unleaded fuel is available in North Cyprus and is relatively inexpensive. If hiring or buying a car in North Cyprus you should therefore make sure that you know which type of fuel the vehicle takes. Putting the wrong type of fuel in a vehicle can lead to mechanical problems, and a need to use one of the island's breakdown services.


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