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Esentepe is a beautiful village located east of Girne. It has great mountain and sea views. The village itself is one of the few villages left that has not been renovated, so if you like the idea of traditional homes Esentepe is the place to be.

This village goes back many of years to ancient times and it is there you will find the old Christian church which is now used for the local mosque. If this is your first time to Northern Cyprus you may think that it is a little 'strange' as the Turkish Cypriots are so friendly and welcoming, really it is like the old England around seventy five years ago. There are many people living in Esentepe and all of the amenities are there from a doctor's surgery, police station and schools- primary and secondary.

Moreover, Esentepe is famous for its new Championship Korineum Golf Course that attract golf players from all around the world. Esentepe also has its own local football team with a great stadium, where visitors are always welcome. If you like to go for family outings, walks and picnics then take a walk up into the mountains where the beautiful pine forests are located, this village suits everybody, young and old.

Esentepe also has some of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus near by, for example the famous Alagadi Turtle Beach is just a five minute drive away, this beach has golden sands that stretch over several miles and during the months of June and July, you can watch the turtles nest and then see the babies hatch from their eggs and escape into the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

Esentepe is really one of the most beautiful villages of northern shores. It is located on a hill almost next to the peaks of the Kyrenia Range. Esentepe was an old settlement with a broad view of the sea specially chosen to be also close to fresh water sources and a plentiful supply of firewood. Translated into english the name implies "Windy hill". There are prevailing breezes from both the sea and the mountains.

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