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If you are planning on renting out your investment property in North Cyprus, then chances are you'll be asked by your clients for information on the top places to visit during their stay on the island. One of the biggest attractions you can point them to is the North Cyprus Herbarium.

Surprisingly popular with tourists, the North Cyprus Herbarium is located in Alevkaya, on a mountain ridge to the south of Esentepe, and opens the door to one of the largest pressed plant specimen collections in Europe. Over 1,000 species of plants, several of which are only found in North Cyprus, have been pressed and are on display, along with detailed line drawings of many other species.

The North Cyprus Herbarium was opened in November 1989. Its founder, Dr. Derek Vinney, an English botanist, envisaged a collection that would fully represent all of the flora and fauna found in North Cyprus. Today, that vision is realised with the cataloguing of almost all of the c.1600 native flowers and plants, including the twenty-two North Cyprus "endemics" such as the Cyprus Rock Cress and Cyprus Pink.

The North Cyprus Herbarium also houses the 'Spirit Collection'. This is an array of orchids perfectly preserved in an alcohol-glycerol-formaldehyde mix, using a technique adopted by Kew Gardens in London, England. The collection brings together nearly all of the orchids found on the island in a dazzling display where original shape, form and colour of the orchids are retained. The Herbarium is open seven days a week from 08.00 - 16.00. It can be reached by a half-hour drive south from Esentepe, or from the main highway to the south of the 'Five Fingers' mountain.


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