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Kyrenia (Girne)

Girne is the ''Tourism capital' of Northern Cyprus and probably one of the loveliest Locations anywhere in the Mediterranean. With its horseshoe shaped harbour dominated by Girne Castle and antique warehouses. Which have become cafes, restaurants, and bars.

The backdrop to the town is the five Finger Mountain range peaked. Just behind the town, by Richard ten Lion heart's St.Hilarion Castle. The harbour is in the main Focal point of the town. Join the locales in early evenings stroll past the multi-coloured fishing boats and yachts. Then settle down in one of the cafes and watch the world go by. Girne boasts a wide variety of Hotels and Guesthouses. It also offers and Array of Restaurants both local and international. Local restaurants generally offer Meze, which is a collection small appetizers.

The castle which lies to the north - east of Kyrenia dominates the harbour and is built on the tedragonal form. It is first referred to by ancient sources in the year 1191 A.D. When the English King Richard The Lion Heart defeated lsac Comnenus on his way to the Crusades and conquered Cyprus. Excavations carried out in and around the castle take us as far as the Hellenistic and Roman Period (111 - 11 B.C.) But so far it has not been possible to establish the exact day of construction of the castle. As a result of the examinations carried out at the site, it is established that, the original castle was built in the VII. A.D. by the Byzantines for the purpose of defending Kyrenia against Arab raids.

The castle which had additions made to it during the reign of the Lusignans was given its present form by the Venetians and has been well preserved to date. The construction of the Kyrenia Castle which according to ancient historians and travellers was very important for the defence of the island, can be examined in three stages based on historical sources and existing remains.

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