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Manage your property from the UK

Managing your North Cyprus property whilst resident in the UK takes a great deal of careful planning. It is not easy to fix a problem when you are some 2,000 miles away, and separated by a journey of at least seven hours…not to mention the huge dent in profits you'd incur courtesy of your air tickets!

Anyone considering renting out their property in North Cyprus should instead appoint a local contact who can take responsibility for the property, as well as for the welfare of tenants occupying the property. A professional property management or letting company will do this; there are also independent property managers and letting agents who offer a similar service.

But, it is worth shopping around before deciding on which agent or company to place your trust in. Here is a checklist of what to look out for when selecting your property management company/agent…

Property Management Checklist

Look for companies/agents who offer the following services:

• Receipt of property bills on your behalf (water, gas, electricity, telephone etc) and, subject to being kept in funds, settle them for you.
• Provision of regular property checks, including bad-weather inspections
• Handling of rental money & banking
• Arrange for pool maintenance, garden maintenance & pest control services on a regular basis
• Arrange for the property to be completely cleaned, bed linen washed & changed, and toilets sanitised before you return and after each party of guests vacate the property
• Managing & maintaining a reservations system for rental of the property
• Provision of a 24-hour key collection service so guests can collect keys en-route to the property regardless of time of day or night.
• Provision of check-in facilities for guests
• Creation of property rental agreement
• Arrangement of any necessary repairs or renovations
• Marketing of property to generate bookings


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