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Flights to North Cyprus

By air

North Cyprus is well served by regular flights from many of the UK's and European international airports. There are more than 30 flights each week leaving from London's big three airports - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. Flights from Manchester International Airport, Glasgow and Belfast are also available.

All flights from the UK to North Cyprus are from just three airlines. Cyprus Turkish Airlines offer one of the most comprehensive services with 20 flights leaving each week. Turkish Airlines also offer a good choice of flights to North Cyprus. Onur Air is by far the smallest provider of flights, but does have a dedicated daily route out from London Heathrow.

All international flights from the UK and Europe into North Cyprus go via Turkey. Most arrive at Istanbul International Airport, where passengers must disembark and catch a connecting flight to Ercan Airport in Lefkosa, North Cyprus. You can also fly into Izmir, Ankara, Adana or Antalya to get the connecting flight. All of Europe's major international airports serve Istanbul, and many serve the smaller Turkish airports too. From there you can book a connecting flight to Ercan International Airport using Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines or Onur Air. Thirty-three major airlines have a route into Istanbul, including BA, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and KLM Dutch Airlines, so you will have little trouble getting to North Cyprus from anywhere in Europe in under 7 or 8 hours, including connection time.

You can also take a direct flight from UK or EU to South Cyprus to Larnaca Airport, take a taxi and cross the border to the North Cyprus. There are no restrictions to cross the border if you are going from South Cyprus to the north and back.

When arriving in Ercan you will need to go through customs procedures. These are very simple, although it is worth remembering that if you plan on visiting Southern Cyprus or Greece in the next few years you should ask to have your entry visa stamped on a separate piece of paper instead of on a page in your passport!

Cyprus Turkish Airlines
(Head Office) Tel: 0207 930 4851
(Newington Green) Tel: 0207 241 5523
(Stanstead) Tel: 01279 663 552
(Ireland) Tel: 873 3244

Turkish Airlines
(Head Office) Tel: 0207 499 4499
Download Turkish Airlines Flights, 4 Mb (Ercan is named as Lefkosa here)

Onur Airlines Tel: 0208 518 9701

north cyprus flights
Other ways

By Boat: Frequent ferry services operated by Fergun Shipping connect Kyrenia (Girne) to Alanya and Taşucu in Turkey. There are occasional ferries to other destinations in Turkey as well.

By car: You can enter the North with a rented car from the South at any one of the border crossing points. You will need to purchase insurance for the North at the border, as the companies in the South do not provide cover in the North.

On foot: You can cross by foot at the Ledra Palace crossing point in Nicosia in South. This crossing point is for pedestrians only, so if you are travelling by car you will need to use one of the other crossing points.



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