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Residency in North Cyprus

All visitors arriving in North Cyprus are automatically issued with a three-month visa by passport authorities at the airport. If you are intending to move to North Cyprus on a permanent basis or wish to stay in North Cyprus for a period longer than three months, then you must follow the TRNC government procedures to apply for temporary or permanent residency.

Regardless of whether you intend to stay for one day longer than three months or for the rest of your life, the first step you must take is to apply for a temporary residency permit. This permit type allows you to extend your stay on the island for up to one year.

To obtain the permit you must first register with your local police station and ask for a temporary residency permit form. You will need four passport-sized photographs and payment of £80 sterling. Before your permit is granted you will be required to undergo tests for TB (tuberculosis) and AIDS.

Assuming that your tests come back negative then the permit will be granted for a one-year period. At the end of that one-year period you must once again apply for the permit and re-take the tests.

After a minimum period of three-years, where three consecutive temporary residency permits have been granted, you can apply for permanent residency and full citizenship of North Cyprus. This is a very simple process and removes the hassle of having to undergo temporary permit re-applications and the health tests that go with them every year.


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