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The city of Salamis was founded during the migrations that started towards the end of the Bronze Age by the tribes that came from Anatolia, and Akas who came from Greece and joined them in Kilikya.

The founder of the city is Tefkros – the son of Telamon who was a Trojan hero and the king of Salamis island. After the Assyrian domination in 707 B.C., it is understood from the coins minted in 560 B.C. that the Salamis king Evelthon gained sovereignty over Cyprus.

The attempt by Kimon of Athens in 499 B. C. to put an end to Persian dominance of the island failed and upon the death of Kimon, the Athenians gave up on their plans to capture the island. Following this, the Phoenicians govern the island but a recession in trade and other fields starts. In 411 B.C. Evagoras, a descendant of Tefkros, seizes power in Salamis. When he attempts to take over the whole of Cyprus, the Persians lay siege to Salamis and force him to pay taxes to the Persian Kingdom.

Following the invasion of Cyprus by the Ptolemes under difficult conditions in 294 B.C., the islanders enjoy a period of calm and Salamis becomes the capital of the island. The prosperous conditions of the city continue during the Roman period as well. The present ruins mostly belong to the Roman period.

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