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Selling your property in the UK

So, you've finally decided to opt for a new life in North Cyprus. You've chosen the type of property you'd like to go for and only one thing now stands in your way…the sale of your existing home! Unfortunately, for many who dream of a new life in North Cyprus, this can be quite a sizeable barrier to overcome. It can also be a very frustrating time, especially when the finances for the purchase of your new home remain tied up in your unsold UK home. Maximising the potential of your existing UK home so it sells effortlessly at the right price is what you must do if you want to follow through quickly on your North Cyprus dream.

When selling your UK home you have to think like a home buyer. Many buyers are looking for a readymade home that is neat & tidy, freshly decorated and needs minimal work. To establish this impression of your house in potential buyers minds' you need to think carefully about presentation. The first time a potential buyer sees your house it MUST make a lasting impression on them. It should therefore stand out from the background of other houses that are for sale in the area, and offer something really special that holds the buyer's attention.

How does your house appear from the roadside? This is where many buyers will make the decision as to whether it is worth their time in arranging a viewing of your property. Freshly painted exterior, clean walls, a neatly kept garden, and no clutter is what appeals to buyers. Having a riot of colourful plants and shrubs, either in borders or pots, is another top tip as it makes your home look vibrant and inviting.

IInside your property clear away as many personal possessions as possible before showing your home. Clutter is something that instantly turns off potential buyers. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dust free, and position lighting to make your rooms seem light and airy. Odours in all rooms should be eliminated. You can add fragrances to help make your home seem like a nice place to live, such as some bunches of sweet-smelling flowers strategically placed in the hall, living room and landing, as well as a pot of freshly made coffee in the kitchen.

In each room try and arrange the furniture so as to give the impression that there is plenty of space. If necessary, pack away some items of furniture to help open up a room. It is worth spending some time on redecoration to make sure each room looks fresh too - neutral colours with complimentary furnishings work best. Follow these tips and you'll increase the chances of selling your UK house…fast!


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