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Solar Power in North Cyprus

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, North Cyprus has the ideal type of climate to reap the full benefits afforded by solar power. Solar power is free energy from the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) panels or metal plates mounted on the roof collect sunlight, which is then converted into electricity that can be fed directly into a property's mains system or used to heat the water. Electricity from solar power can also be stored in battery banks for future use.

In North Cyprus the most common use of solar power is to heat water. On average, 1,000 KW/h of free solar power per square metre is available from the combined effects of direct and diffuse sunlight. This is enough power to heat 50% to 75% of a household's annual hot water requirements in Northern Cyprus. Normally, solar energy collectors are placed on the roof of the property.

These come as either high performance manifolds of evacuated glass tube or flat black metal plates with an enclosed glass or plastic box at the rear through which a water pipe runs. The energy collected heats the water, which is then pumped down into an insulated storage tank, often made of copper, and plumbed into the main domestic hot water system. Most solar powered hot water systems can be installed with an automatic sensing switch. The switch enables your system to use the hot water heated by your solar system first, before calling on the use of mains electricity to heat the balance of your hot water requirement. This guarantees that you'll receive lower electricity bills than you would if your free electricity did not have priority in the plumbing system.

Solar powered hot water systems are fairly expensive to buy and install. They do however require little in the way of maintenance and will provide free hot water for years to come. Most households recoup the cost of purchase and installation within 5 - 8 years. You can also sleep easy at night knowing that you've done your bit to save the environment.


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