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North Cyprus Climat and Weather

See weather forecast for 5 days in Kyrenia here.

North Cyprus has a Mediterranean style climate, typified by long hot and dry summers, short autumn and spring seasons and a short cool wet winter. Between mid May and mid October the sun shines on average 11 hours each day under a series of stable high-pressure systems. Summer daytime temperatures rarely dip below 25°c (77°f), and during June, July and August it often reaches 30°c. At the extreme end of the temperature scale, 40°c may be reached on occasion inland, but the cooling sea breezes peg the temperature back around the coast, making it feel hot but pleasant.

Rainfall in North Cyprus is concentrated in the months from November to February. Atlantic frontal systems pushing their way up along the Mediterranean bring welcome moisture to the hillsides, turning them a luscious green by spring.

Rarely does a winter's rainfall amount to more than 400mm, which is the equivalent of half the winter rainfall average in somewhere like Cardiff, South Wales. The occurrence of snow, frost and ice is unknown in North Cyprus, although short-lived stormy winds can be a feature during the winter.

Humidity is generally between a comfortable 40%-60%, being lower during the summer and higher in the winter.

The climate of the coastal parts is less extreme than farther inland, due to the fact that the effect of the sea jon atmospheric humidities is always present there. The sea temperature itself never falls below 16ºC. (January and February); in August it can rise to 28 ºC.

Spring and autumn are short, typified by changeable weather, with occasional heavy storms battering the coast in spring and a westerly wind, called "meltem" carrying the influence of Atlantic depressions to this far eastern end of the Mediterranean. From mid-May to mid-September the sun shines on a daily average of around 11 hours. The skies are cloudless with a low humidity, 40 - 60 per cent, thus the high temperatures are easier to bear.

Most of the rivers are simply winter torrents, only flowing after heavy rain, the rivers running out of the Northern and Southern Ranges rarely flowing all the year round.

During the wet winter months Cyprus is a green island. However, by the time June arrives the landscape at the lower levels assumes the brown, parched aspect which characterises its summer face. The forests and the vineyards in the mountains, plus the stips of irrigated vegatation in the valleys remain green.

Overall, the annual weather in North Cyprus is on a par with that experienced in Southeast Spain and is sunnier, drier and warmer than anywhere in Southern France.


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