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North Cyprus Title Deeds

It’s true, the number of different types of title deeds available in North Cyprus can be confusing. But really, once explained you will see how simple the whole process is and how it has come about. Buyers are strongly recommended to take professional and independent legal advice. The validity of a title deed should be checked by a solicitor who will visit the Land Registry personally. Foreigners are limited to owning one donum (1/3 acre) per person (husband and wife count as one person).

In the course of recent events (sach as "Victory of Oram's case" or "ECHR" recognition of NC Compensation Commission") it's true to say that all title deeds described above are safe. For the last 33 years (since 1974) nobody who bought a property in North Cyprus was deprived of his right of possession.

All propaganda that is coming from South Cyprus (as if it's not safe to buy in North Cyprus) is just words that cannot be supported by any action against northern Cyprus property owner.

There are many confusing aspects to title deeds such as land/properties with ‘no title’. As a company, Unistar International Investments do not deal with these areas; therefore, we feel it unnecessary to confuse you by explaining these and other areas.
To truly understand the confusion that surrounds the title deed issue here in Cyprus, we highly recommend a history lesson on the situation that lead to the division of the island. The following sites give a great insight into the history:

Foreign Title Deed and Turkish Title Deed
This is land or a house that was owned by a foreigner (Foreign Title Deed) or by Turk (Turkish Title Deed) prior to the division of the island in 1974. This type of deed was not affected by the division and the ownership of this type of property is not disputed. Pre 1974 Turkish and 1974 Foreign title deeds are the only deeds which are internationally recognized. There can not be any Greek reclaim on pre 1974 title deeds. There is very little of this property and it is unlikely that this is the type of North Cyprus property you will be buying.

Esdeger Title Deed (Exchange)
Esedeger Title ("exchange" title) is land originally owned by a Greek Cypriot prior to 1974, with title deeds issued by the North Cyprus government post 1974 to a Turkish Cypriot refugee from the south on a points basis in compensation for land abandoned in the south. It is widely known as exchange land - as the Turkish Cypriot refugee had effectively swapped his land left in the south for equivalent value land a Greek Cypriot abandoned Northern Cyprus.
Under the Annan Plan there is complete protection for an owner of Esedeger Title. A person purchasing exchange land now is considered to be in exactly the same position as the original Turkish Cypriot refugee who swapped his land post-1974.
Acording to Annan Plan one of the protections is that a current owner cannot lose Esedeger land if it has been ‘substantially improved’ since 1974. As this includes the construction of a building the purchase of a house built on such land since 1974 is therefore automatically protected

TMD Title Deed
Tahsis Title land is more popularly called "TMD land". It was land originally owned by a Greek Cypriot prior to 1974; the title deeds were issued by the TRNC North Cyprus government post-1974 to a Turkish Cypriot refugee or to a Turkish mainland settler.
Under the Annan Plan there is complete protection for an owner of Tahsis Title as long as there has been a property built on the land since 1974.  In other words, a current property owner would be protected from losing the land to the former Greek Cypriot owner because it has been ‘substantially improved’ since 1974. 
Although Tahsis Title does not enjoy the comparative value of Esedger title, it has little significance for most purchasers as ‘substantial improvement of land includes the construction of a dwelling, the purchase of a property built on Tahsis land since 1974 is therefore also protected under the Annan Plan as those on exchange title. 
Please, read Oram's case and about TRNC Compensation Commission to see that it's safe to buy in North Cyprus.

Leashold Title Deed
The TRNC Government owns the freehold for this land. Long-term leases can be granted for 49 years with an option for a second 49-year term. This type of title deed is used mainly for tourism investments. Leases can be transferred directly or via a solicitor upon application to the Ministry of Tourism. For example, all the houses in the picturesque village of Karmi are leased to foreigners



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